Out Journeys Goes to Fort Lauderdale!

The Out Journeys team visited Fort Lauderdale in the second week of May to be a part of the Annual Convention of IGLTA. The experience was truly memorable and special; more so since we were the only representatives from India.

It was apparent that the “guys from India” would get a lot of attention from day 1, but even we were not ready for the warmth and love that we got. What was most remarkable was the fact that almost every single person we met and talked to, urged us to keep going and keep working towards making India a truly welcoming destination for gay travel.

The convention had record attendance this year, about 450 delegates representing 35 countries got together in sunny Fort Lauderdale and took part in great educations sessions, trade shows and pool side parties and OUTstanding concerts. Florida is truly out and welcoming when it comes to supporting the LGBT community and businesses, it is so inspiring because I kept hoping that someday India would be the same too and perhaps in a few years from now we will bring the IGLTA convention to India!

The contingent from Brazil was most upbeat not just because they are the hosts for next year’s convention at Floripa but also because Brazil allowed civil unions only a week back. What a proud moment for our friends from Brazil! They kept telling us that Brazil was where India is today just about ten years back and that nothing will stop India from becoming a great LGBT tourism destination in the near future. Amen to that!

There is a lot more I’d love to share about the convention, perhaps in the next post.

We are bringing India Out!